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Why Is It Important to Get Root Canals Done By an Endodontist?

February 10, 2023
Why Is It Important to Get Root Canals Done By an Endodontist?

As humans we only get one set of adult teeth in our lifetime and with our increasing life expectancy, our natural teeth need to be maintained for us to function effectively as we get older.  Root Canal procedures are designed to save teeth from the alternative option to lose the tooth forever. It is only fair that when the stakes are so high, that you as a patient should be treated by the most skilled professional with the best and latest technology. It is statistically proven by long term studies that root canal procedures have a significantly higher percentage of success when performed by an Endodontist (Root Canal Specialist) compared to General Dentists who offer these services.   

Root Canal procedures require modern technology, such as Dental Operating Microscope for enhanced visualization of the inside of the tooth and root. Enhanced imaging techniques such as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans are also required in select cases that show the Jaw Bone and the tooth in three dimensions to visualize infection, cracks and internal anatomy. The use of this technology and the fact that an Endodontist is a specialist who only focuses on root canals for their career,  offer the best possible chances of a successful outcome for a root canal. 

Why Are Root Canals Necessary?

 A Tooth is a living structure and gets its sensation from the pulp tissue that's present in the deeper layers of the tooth. Inflammation or outright infection of this pulp tissue can be very painful and usually results from decay, cracks or large fillings in the tooth. A root canal procedure  attempts to remove all the complex neural and vascular tissue from the tooth both from the visible portion of the tooth in the mouth as well as the root portion that anchors  the tooth in the jaw bone. 

If you need a root canal, you will frequently experience pain, swelling, and trouble chewing on that tooth. You may have pus coming from your gums around the affected tooth. The pain could be enough to keep you from relaxing.

Sometimes, teeth that need root canals show no outward symptoms, and your dentist will tell you that you need one based on X-rays.

A root canal can save your natural tooth from extraction. Getting a root canal is less expensive and complex than having an extraction and an implant placed.

Root Canal Procedures

The endodontist injects local anesthetic near the affected tooth. They then open the tooth's crown with a small drill to access the pulp. The endodontist removes the pulp with specialized files, going down into the roots to remove more material.

The endodontist shapes the interior of the canals inside the root to help prevent further infection. After the tooth is clean inside, the dentist fills it with a permanent material. The patient can then receive a crown from their general dentist.

Consequences of Root Canal Errors

Have you experienced a situation where a root canal procedure was performed on a back molar tooth and the tooth continues to have problems such as pain upon chewing and dull aches that would come and go? 

This is quite common when the procedures are performed without the use of Dental Operating Microscopes or CBCT scans that allow the operator to visualize the tooth in detail from the inside out. Usually the reason for such symptoms is untreated small branches of diseased pulp tissue that was never removed when the original root canal was performed or a crack that was not visualized during the root canal procedure. 

The infection could recur months or years later when a dentist misses infected material inside the tooth. Repeat root canal surgery is possible but more expensive than the first procedure. Apical surgery (apicoectomy) may also be necessary if the infection progresses into the root's tip.

Advantages of an Endodontist's Root Canal

Endodontists use more advanced equipment than general dentists, meaning they are more likely to catch minor errors and fix them before permanently sealing the tooth. Dental microscopes make the procedure much more accurate. Endodontists also have access to precise scans from CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scanners to target the infection.

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If you need a root canal, turn to an expert. Dr. Usman Fazli is Board Certified and has performed thousands of successful root canals throughout his practice. Call our office at 401-337-9150 for further information or to make an appointment at our convenient Warwick location.

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