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Root Canals in Warwick

Rhode Island Endodontics provides root canal therapy in Warwick, RI. Call 401-337-9150 to learn more and schedule your appointment.

The major purpose of a root canal is relieving pain by clearing a pulp infection and preserving the natural tooth. If you experience tooth pain that persists despite treatment, you may need relief from a root canal specialist. 

Call Rhode Island Endodontics at 401-337-9150 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal is a non-surgical endodontic procedure that clears infections of the pulp inside a patient's tooth. Infected pulp causes pain and could lead to tooth loss.

Following are the steps of a standard root canal:


The patient will receive local anesthesia, becoming fully numb in the treatment area. Today, root canals are as comfortable for the patient as any other dental procedure.

Opening the Crown

Before performing a root canal, the endodontist must open the tooth to access the inside.


The endodontist then drills down to the infected area, removing material.

Clearing the Canals

The endodontist then takes the time to clean each canal carefully. CBCT (Cone-Beam Computed Tomography) imaging allows the endodontist to see where the problem areas lie and how to combat the infection.

Smoothing the Canals

Smoothing the canals inside the tooth means less area for another infection to take hold.

Filling the Canals and Tooth

A plastic material called gutta-percha fills the tooth and seals out contaminants like food and saliva.

Placing the Temporary Crown

Finally, the endodontist affixes a temporary crown to the filled tooth. The patient's general dentist will place the new permanent crown.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Here are three benefits of root canal therapy:

Relieving Pain

People who are in pain experience almost immediate relief from a root canal.

Saving the Natural Tooth

A root canal increases the chances that a natural tooth can remain. Without root canals, many more teeth would likely need to be extracted, leading to expensive restorations.

Lowering the Chances of Future Procedures

When an expert endodontist performs a root canal, there is an excellent chance that the procedure will not need repeating in the future. While repeat root canals generally work, removing all infected tissue during the first procedure is better.

Are You a Good Candidate for Root Canal Therapy?

If you have a persistent toothache that does not respond to treatment, you may need a root canal. Cracked teeth often need root canals. You may also need a root canal if you have incurred a traumatic injury with broken teeth.

Why Choose Rhode Island Endodontics?

When patients see endodontists rather than general dentists for a root canal, they are more likely to undergo a successful procedure with no recurrence of pain or infection. Endodontists like Dr. Usman Fazli, DMD, can treat all types of teeth and may catch infections that other practitioners miss.

Our patient-friendly practice uses state-of-the-art methods and technology to maximize our chance of performing successful procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Therapy

Is pain after a root canal normal?

You may experience tenderness for a short time after the procedure. Your jaw may also be sore from holding it open for an extended period. However, you should not have pain more than 24 hours after a root canal. Call our office if you continue to experience discomfort, as you may have a recurring infection.

How long does a root canal take?

Most of the time root canals are completed in a single visit, but occasionally multiple visits may be needed, especially if the tooth is badly infected. Typically, the visits are scheduled for 60-90 minutes.

What happens if my root canal needs retreatment?

If you had a root canal some time ago and the tooth has begun to hurt again, you may need a procedure called endodontic retreatment. This procedure reopens the tooth and clears any infection the dentist missed during the first attempt.

You may also need apical surgery, also known as an apicoectomy or root-end resection. This procedure may be necessary if you have an infection deep down in your root or irregularly shaped canals.

Why is it better to see an endodontist than a general dentist for a root canal?

Endodontists have higher levels of experience with performing effective procedures. They are more familiar with a tooth's interior structure and may catch infected areas that a general dentist could miss.

Call Rhode Island Endodontics

If you have a persistent toothache, don't wait for treatment. With today's advanced dental technologies, our endodontist can relieve your pain and return your tooth to its usual function. 

Call Rhode Island Endodontics at 401-337-9150 to set up an appointment for a consultation and find out whether a root canal is right for you.

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